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420 Celebrations Globally - THC e-Liquid - Dope THC e-Liquid

420 Celebrations Globally

It’s 4:20 PM somewhere. So, spark it up, baby! The 420 movements have grown to wild proportions and spread to the furthest corners of the globe. You will find kids and grownups alike celebrating 420 globally from the canals of Italy to the outback of Australia, even up in Machu Pichu. And that’s just the start. But before we look at some of the best 420 celebrations globally it might make sense to explain exactly what 420 even is.

I can’t remember how far back I’ve been using the phrase 420. But it’s been many years now. The phrase itself goes quite a way back as well. It was and still is time, 420PM. It has also become a special day, 4/20 or April 20th. The short history is that 420PM was the time kids got out of school and it was code talk for meeting up to toke the sweet herb.

Let’s Do the Time Warp

There were rumours for decades about the actual origin. One such lore was that it was the police radio code 420 which meant “weed smoking in process.” That of course, was just one of the many myths. The truth is that a few guys way back in the 1970s called the “The Waldos,” got out of school at 4 pm and would meet up at 420 behind the band house to get stoned. I bet they never realized they would be starting a cultural revolution.

420 has become synonymous with the date 4/20, or as it is better known now Weed Day. It is a day to celebrate marijuana. But it is even more importantly a day to raise awareness and make political change, universally. Let’s take a look at some of the best places globally to celebrate.

Grab your Suitcase and Let’s Go

LONDON, England: Head down to Hyde Park for one of the merriest parties in Europe. Don’t forget to grab your fish and chips before you go as the munchies are a certainty. In the last few years, the festival has gone from hundreds to thousands of Brits enjoying this sacred day.

VANCOUVER, Canada: Head out west for one of the original famous 240 celebrations dating back to the 1990s. You can toke up right on the beach to some amazing live music and dance the night away. This gathering is upwards of 65,000 party goers strong.

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: No cannabis related list of any kind is full or valid if Amsterdam isn’t on it. And they put it on. Head down to Dam Square and get your party on. People come from all over the world, as it has really always been the weed Mecca of the universe. I had to go there as a young man for the same reason. The Amsterdam 420 Festival is a full day of fun.

DENVER, Colorado: The Denver 420 Festival is a big deal with a big turnout for both the celebrations and rallies at City Hall. You may remember Denver was one of the very first places in the USA to allow recreational marijuana usage. Head out to Red Rocks for a live show before you fly out.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark: Denmark is cool. Amsterdam has the best red light district. But Copenhagen has a Green Light District. It is called Christiana. This 420 celebration is far more tranquil. So, if you’re old and mellow like me, and don’t need all the youngsters being loud and obnoxious, come on down to Christiana and have a salted fish.

Find Your Own 420 Celebration

There are many other countries that celebrate official 420 Festivals. There are many more that do so unofficially if you know what I mean. And I think you do. You might have to hide out behind the band house yourself if you live in an intolerant place. But no worries, in your horrid city or country you can celebrate privately. If you can travel there are many other countries like New Zealand, Iceland, South Africa, Austria and more that have official 420 Festivals. So, get out and see the world sailor!