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Benefits Of Vaping - THC e-Liquid - Dope THC e-Liquid

The Benefits

Of Vaping


Health Reasons

Vaping your cannabis is the product of heating the material to the perfect temperature that the cannabinoids are released and nothing else. Whereas consuming your cannabis thru combustion, you are inhaling so much more than just cannabinoids. You are also inhaling about 111 harmful toxins and tar to boot. Vaping your cannabis is by far the cleanest method of ingestion.


Save Money

Users can expect to save money off cannabis products as you don’t need as much as you would from a joint. Concentrated levels of THC and superb extraction processes will have you feeling higher longer! And with our supercritical C02 extracted THC concentrate, containing 20%THC in ever ml of e-Liquid. DOPE THC e-Liquids will be your new favourite way to ingest cannabis!


Vape Anywhere

Additionally there is virtually no smell associated with vaping your cannabis. This gives you the freedom to vape pretty much anywhere you want! Walking from your car to the grocery store, vape! Excuse yourself from that stressful meeting for some fresh air, vape! In your car before that yoga class? Vape away! There is no end to where you can receive the many health benefits of vaping cannabis!


Medical Benefits

Medical marijuana patients can expect to drastically feel the amazing benefits right away. Such ailments like anxiety, insomnia or depression can be dealt with discretely and conveniently whenever. Relief Stress, increase appetite, relieve pain and nausea symptoms with just a quick puff!


Smell Free

By vaping your cannabis there is virtually no smell during or after your consumption. It should be said that when you smoke a joint, the lingering smell is a dead giveaway to what you were just doing. Now you may discretely access your cannabis privately and with virtually no smell to detect!


White Teeth

Stained teeth is a well known side effect from smoking. It can be an embarrassing and unfortunate situation to say the least. When you vape your cannabis, you don’t have to worry about ending up with any unsightly stains or a weakened sense of taste and smell because of the smoke.