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Cannabinoids - Medicinal Healing Recreational Fun - THC e-Liquid - Dope THC e-Liquid

What are Cannabinoids Anyway?

Basically speaking, cannabinoids are the active compounds in cannabis. Those compounds predominately include THC and CBD. And these, my friends, are the magical compounds that heal your body and your mind. Human beings are wired with cannabinoid receptors naturally. Feeding them THC and CBD is similar to feeding the rest of your body with vitamins and minerals. This is proven science.┬áCannabinoids – Medicinal Healing Recreational Fun is an important blog. Enjoy.


Cannabinoids – Medicinal Healing Recreational Fun

Cannabinoids are the most versatile medicine available on this planet. And unlike almost all other modern medicines, there are no negative side affects. Also, the versatility allows for the healing properties to be absorbed into the human body in multiple fashions. You can enjoy smoking fine herbs, vaping THC e-Liquids, taking bong hits or simply ingesting cannabis in almost every food and drink imaginable.

Medical patients can take pills and sublingual’s. So, this allows for micro dosage maintenance for 100’s of ailments, injuries and illnesses.┬áCannabinoids occur on the leaves of the marijuana plant, as crystals known as trichomes. These trichomes are shiny or frosty looking. They make the plant glow magically. And magical it is. And it can be tweaked. Therefore, marijuana growers are able to breed certain strains of this powerful flower to increase THC or CBD. And after all, that ‘s the essence of our┬áCannabinoids – Medicinal Healing Recreational Fun Blog.


Cannabinoids THC or CBD?

Why THC? Recreational Fun

THC is more widely used for recreational purposes. This is not to say it is without medical merit. For it is, and in a big way. However, anyone buying weed for recreational purposes is more interested in the psychotropic affects of the THC more than the healing powers of CBD. These days most marijuana strains have at least a small percentage of one or the other. THC is the cannabinoid that gets you high to put it bluntly. You want to laugh with your friends or write a song? Smoke a doobie. Patients with mental ailments such as anxiety, stress, depression and more benefit greatly from THC usage. Low dosage pills are available to control the “high.” Also, you can take medicine with lower levels of THC. This will vary depending on your issues. The more serious physical ailments require the cannabinoid CBD.


Why CBD? Medicinal Healing

The cannabinoid CBD does a body good. It works on the receptors in your body to block pain, relieve tension and inflammation. The relaxing properties if CBD work wonders on patients with twitching and nervousness. Also, aches from injuries virtually come under control. This is not the case with pharmaceutical drugs. They simply mess you up for a short period of time an distract you from the root of your issues. Whereas, CDB actually heals the body. And all this with zero negative side affects. A relaxed body heals itself. And CBD does just that at the same time as it does it’s own healing.

Cannabinoids are the future of real medicine. It has been for thousands of years in almost every culture on Earth. However, it is only now that science has caught up with this ancient panacea. The future looks bright as legalization sweeps across the States and Europe. It is long over due. And it will likely be decades before the quack doctors give up their evil plots to benefit financially with no regard for you, the sufferer. But now you know. Spread the Good News!