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Cannabis and Aging - THC e-Liquid - Dope THC e-Liquid

Cannabis and Aging 

Recent research studies have shown that cannabis is useful in slowing down the ageing process. Recent experiments on mice have revealed that small doses of THC prove beneficial in improving memory and learning. There is a belief that small amounts of cannabis per day may slow down or even prevent dementia and Alzheimers

 The debilitating effects of these diseases are more prevalent today. The underlying factors in the causes of this ailment are mysterious. Growing old should not be something people dread. Now with CBD, THC and other cannabinoids growing old do not have to be foreboding.


When we get older our bones get weaker due to osteoporosis (porous bones). Exercise and nutrition can help keep bones strong and prevent bone loss. Women have a higher rate of osteoporosis, especially after menopause. Recent studies have shown that cannabinoids might reverse bone loss with interaction with the endocannabinoid system. 

Immune System Boost 

As we get older our immune systems are sometimes compromised. CBD has been shown to have the most anti-inflammatory effects and the potential to treat neurodegenerative disorders. Also, THC shows promise with the reduction of immunosuppressant drugs. These drugs can have various side effects including appetite loss, nausea and increased risk of infection. As well as vomiting, osteoporosis, trembling and decrease in muscle function. 

Natural Not Chemical 

When we get older our body’s are more susceptible to various illnesses, injuries and diseases. Prescription drugs can help but can also produce side effects. These side effects are treated by other drugs, and before you know it you have a table full of drugs. It is difficult to break this vicious cycle. 

Thousands of people die each year from prescription drug interactions. Also, these drugs are very hard on elderly patients with weakened immune systems. The natural cannabis cannabinoids can help break the cycle of treating one side effect with another.  Cannabis can help boost the immune system and help to rejuvenate on the cellular level. 

Pain Relief  

There has been a lot of good news in the world of cannabis for pain relief. CBD products. No matter what the root cause, CBD is good at calming different inflammations. The anti-inflammatory system of cannabidiol is unique to cannabis. This proves advantageous with pain management with the elderly. Pain is a very common complaint as people get older. Arthritis, fibromyalgia, lower back pain, insomnia, stroke, irritable bowel disorders and stiffness of joints are some of the most prevalent conditions.

Cannabis has proven to help in pain management. Taking a natural approach with pain control reduces the chance of complications due to side effects. As we age our body is more sensitive to medications and their side effects. Cannabis offers a safer and more natural approach to healing painful ailments.  

Skin Conditions 

Skin conditions are very common with the majority of people on this planet. Everyone experiences a rash or chafing of some sort throughout their lives. Wrinkles, liver spots, sun damage and dry skin are just some of the conditions known to people in their twilight years. Topical creams from the pharmacy are what has traditionally used in treatment. Many times these have proved to be ineffective or even produce side effects resulting in a different skin condition.

Now with CBD cannabis creams are showing promising results in treating various skin conditions with the elderly. Moreover, there is a belief that there could be a preventative quality we the use of cannabis creams. Anti-ageing and skin resilience are being studied for the long term applications of cannabis treatments for youthful skin. 

For many people growing old is not easy. The good news is that the wonderful world of weed is making it easier for the transition to old age. Also, cannabis treatments now come in edibles and even vaping cartridges that administer the helpful CBD and THC cannabinoids. The future looks bright for natural cannabis to help us stay young in body and mind.