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Cannabis Evolution - Long Winding Road - THC e-Liquid - Dope THC e-Liquid

In the beginning there was cannabis. And it was good. The history and evolution of cannabis are well documented throughout the globe and for thousands of years. So, what happened? And why? Well our Cannabis Evolution – Long Winding Road Blog is going to clear the air so to speak. To understand the evolution we need to look at what cannabis is, it’s origins, how its grows and how its been used medically, practically and recreationally since the beginning of mankind. So let’s go!

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is simply a flowering plant. It produces remarkable fibres for industrial purposes, flowers for recreational use and THC and CBD for medicinal usage. Cannabis is a miraculous powerhouse of a plant. There’s three defined sub-species. Sativa, indica and ruderalis are bred for whichever specific needs the user or patient require. The leaves produce THC and CBD. And hash oils are extracted for medical and recreational needs. The left over fibres produce hemp which has an endless amount of applications in a multitude of industries.

Cannabis Evolution – Long Winding Road

Long ago in the shadows of the Mongolian mountains the Hindis were cultivating ancient Kush. The exact origins remain as mysterious as its power. But it is widely settled that Central Asia gave birth to marijuana. By the time cannabis finally made its way into modern American culture it was called marijuana. The US government came up with that name. It was meant to sound like a Mexican word. That way they could more easily vilify this sacred plant. Shamefully hemp and cannabis took a back seat in the USA and Europe. Finally, evolution has come around and we are finally rediscovering the benefits of both.

Don’t Know Much About History

Historically speaking Hemp was King. As far back as 12,000 BC hemp was being used in Asia for all sorts of things. The fibre’s were used in rope and chords, sails for boats, paper, clothing, shoes and more. As trade expanded the seeds made their way around the globe. Quickly cannabis evolved. The original plant was used for industry long before humans learned to grow the plant for smoking and medicine. Specific breeding methods pushed the evolution into high gear. Cannabis today is far from what it was.

History has shown that the plant itself has thrived for over 6 million years. It makes one wonder if cavemen and monkeys enjoyed the benefits. There are no records. But it stands to reason that the history is long and deeper than we may even realize. What is known is that the cannabis plant has survived Ice Ages. As the planet repeatedly warmed the plant spread and evolved into what we now know as marijuana.

Let’s Break it Down

Cannabis is classified into three species, sativa, indica and ruderalis.  Sativa means “cultivated.” This sativa has psychoactive properties. It is a tall plant with narrow leaves and can grow to 10 feet tall. Indica is short with fat leaves. And also has psychoactive properties. Indica gives more of a relaxing body high as opposed to sativa which is more uplifting and creates laughter. Ruderalis is low in psychoactive properties and is generally bred for the hemp.

The environment generally dictates which type of cannabis thrives and directly affects the plants evolution. For thousands of years growers have been able use the plant effectively due to its incredible ability to adapt and evolve. Wherever there is water cannabis will thrive. Therefore, cannabis grows just as heartily in cold climates as it does in heat. This is why we see so much growth and evolution in places like Asia, especially in dry lands like Afghanistan.

Today in the American west, deserts specifically, cannabis grows wild. It was used widely in a commercial capacity up until WW2. Hemp was very popular for obvious reasons. It wasn’t until the government made it illegal because young people and musicians were getting high. The real issue was that they could not control or tax marijuana. So, they just made it illegal.

It’s Evolution Baby

Our Cannabis Evolution – Long Winding Road Blog has a happy ending. Marijuana is now legal for medical purposes in every State of the U.S. Many States now allow recreational usage with more legalizing it every day. Europe is far ahead of the curve. And Canada’s catching up! Religion dictates law in the States so evolution has taken much longer. But we’re getting there. Evolution is never fast. But it’s happening. So, for that, let us thank a merciful God!