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Cannabis In The Bedroom - THC e-Liquid - Dope THC e-Liquid

Cannabis In The Bedroom. My first experience in the bedroom was with an awesome herb and sexy vixen in college. Back then I had a great interest in growing the helpful herb in my dorm. It was my final year and I was to become a completely changed man.

I was an introverted shy person with no friends. Wearing thick Coke bottle glasses and having no sense of style, I was a super nerd. Also, I was still a virgin at 21. No girl had any interest in me and I was too timid to approach any. I had low self-esteem and suffered from depression.

So one day to my complete surprise the most beautiful women on campus sat down beside me while I was eating lunch under a tree by myself. Bridget was the head cheerleader for the football team. She was every man’s dream. I sat in silence and shock when she told me she had noticed me quite a few times, and finally got up the nerve to talk to me. This made me choke on my tuna sandwich. Bridget gave me the Heimlich Maneuver and saved my life. I was quite embarrassed, to say the least.

Cannabis In The Bedroom – The Horny Herb

My whole body was trembling as she bent over and wiped the spittle from my blubbering lip’s. Gazing deeply into her hazel eyes brought back memories of two identical marbles I had when I was a kid. Her heaving full breasts in the low cut halter top were equally enticing, to say the least! I fell in love instantly.

Bridget helped me to my feet and threw me the keys to her new jet black Camaro convertible. She then bought me contact lenses, a haircut and clothes. The biggest surprise though she said was back in my dorm room right now. Arriving she pulled out a spliff of Kali Dog. I had never been stoned before and was a baked potato after two tokes. The Garden Slugs were playing softly on the radio. Like powerful magnets, we crashed together and ripped each other’s clothes off in a fanatical frenzy.

Soon we melted together like molten volcanic lava. The sensation was intergalactic. But unfortunately, it all took place in less than two minutes. However, she had a whole ounce of Kali Dog. Which if I could be so bold to say, made us into the happiest of Horndogs. Also, she brought a copy of the Kama Sutra. We had all the time in the world. We made love twenty-six and a half times that night. We even invented our own positions. The Pretzel Roundabout, Kangaroo Shuffle Hop and The bee bop a lube ah!

A Climatic End

I started growing the herb in my dorm for “horny-cultural” endeavours. I became very popular because my fellow students didn’t recognize me anymore and loved the free dorm ganja I let them toke at times. So far I haven’t had to work because Bridget inherited $300,000,000. She gave me her Camaro and bought a new Ferrari.

We now share our time between our Vancouver penthouse and jungle treehouse in Negril Jamaica. Our love life has never waned. In fact, it has risen exponentially! The cannabis is a true aphrodisiac that takes us to a new level of amorous orgasmic delights.

This story is hard to believe and sometimes even I don’t. I always do though after my ultra gorgeous wife Bridget and I go for a ride on the railing of the treehouse overlooking the blue Caribbean. This horny herb makes us happy. Bridget now calls me “The Moisturizer” I truly am blessed! Those readers who assumed this article was about actually about smoking cannabis in the bedroom, please do not smoke in bed! Although you can always vape a tantalizing THC e-Liquid.