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Cannabis Products For Dogs - Healing Mans Best Friend - THC e-Liquid - Dope THC e-Liquid

Cannabis Products For Dogs – Healing Man’s Best Friend

It is well known that cannabis products are helpful in the treatment of medical conditions in humans. But did know that it is also gaining popularity in treatment in a variety of ailments in dogs. Yes, our furry friends are reaping the rewards of the healing herb. Cannabis for canines is the latest trend for natural treatment.

Canine Cannabinoids

Canines like humans also have sophisticated endocannabinoid endocrine capabilities. This allows dogs to receive the much-needed cannabinoids. Dogs are exposed to a greater amount of carcinogens. They are self cleaners and are more exposed to pollutants. Chemicals such as floor cleaners and insecticides are just some of the examples.

Studies have shown that 25% of dogs succumb to cancer and 50% die after 10 years of age. The great news is that cannabis also works on dogs and cats in the same way as humans. However, dosing the correct THC strains can prove to be challenging. There are a variety of CBD treatments made from mostly hemp that can help. These products, however, do not cure but help to alleviate symptoms. Sometimes remission occurs.

Delivery System

Surprisingly dogs and cats share the same endocrine system as humans. This allows the delivery of hormones into the bloodstream which helps regulate the body’s organs and glands. The chemical messengers which hormones facilitate have very important functions. The endocrine glands include the pancreas, pituitary, adrenal, thyroid, parathyroid, testes and ovaries.

So with having the same system of hormonal delivery, our precious pets can benefit from cannabis in treating a wide variety of ailments and disorders. Inflammation and infections can be treated with cannabis the same way as in humans.

People are now giving their dogs CBD supplements daily for maintaining health. Helping to build a strong immune system, this can help in the prevention of certain ailments. These include chronic pain, stress, fatigue and digestive problems. Also, CBD can help to prevent very serious conditions such as diabetes, cancer, seizures and many other major ailments.

Veterinarians also have seen that CBD provides great improvements in recovery from sprains and strains, bone breaks and torn ligaments. This is also very useful in postoperative care in reducing swelling, stiffness and pain. Conventional treatments sometimes have side effects. CBD is a progressive natural alternative which should be taken into consideration.

A recent study has shown remarkable results in treating and even curing cancer in dogs. A 65-pound dog Trixy had developed bone cancer. So the owners decided to forego the traditional treatment of radiation and chemotherapy. Their decision to go with natural cannabis proved to be a helpful alternative. Calculating the weight of the dog they used a tincture of 1/100th of a gram of THC mixed with coconut oil. The coconut oil aids in digestion and absorption of the THC.

Quality Of Life

The size and weight of the dog are important when administering THC. Too much and you will have a stoned and lethargic animal. Unfortunately, Trixy had to be put down. However, Trixy’s life on THC was far less painful than if she was on radiation and chemotherapy. Also, Trixy enjoyed her food with a healthy appetite. THC does not always cure the disease but can prolong life with a better quality of life.

Natural Healing

CBD and THC certainly have there place in the treatment of conditions of animals. The ongoing research with cannabis is continually showing positive results in not only humans but their furry best friends. Moreover, cannabis is a natural and safe alternative than most chemical treatments. Thousands of people a year are prescribed the wrong medication which leads sometimes to death. The same can also pertain to dogs. Unfortunately, animals cannot explain their pain. Being natural, Cannabis Products For Dogs should always be a consideration for our precious pets.