Cannabis Storing Tips: Concentrates and Edibles. There are times when you have purchased or made more than enough and need to store them properly. If you take care of your cannabis concentrates and edibles they will take care of you! Freshness is the key for sustaining potency and flavour. Many people do not know where or how to store their stash.

There are some factors that can be detrimental for longevity. Cannabis can go bad within days, so storage is very important. If not stored properly you have risks of mold. mildew, humidity, contamination, and bugs. Also, it is very important to keep your products away from heat and exposure to direct sunlight. There are numerous options when it comes keeping your cannabis concentrates and edibles fresh and safe.

Cannabis Storing Tips – Freshness

There are many tried and true methods of storage that people use. So if you are new to the consumption of edibles and concentrates here are some ideas which will be useful. Using airtight containers is a must. For storing your products for up to a month, wrap your pieces in parchment paper and seal them in a ziplock bag. Remove all excess air from the bag, placing in an airtight container before putting them in the fridge or dry cool storage area.

Mason jars are great because products don’t stick to the glass. However, if you have a sticky product like shatter you might want to wrap it up in some parchment paper first. Silicon containers work very well for short-term storage. Try to match the size of the container to the amount you have. The less air in the container is best for preventing mold or mildew.

Freezing your concentrates and edibles can make them last for up to a year. So the potency and flavour stay intact. An excellent idea for freezing is to purchase a vacuum sealer. This will remove all air from the plastic bag ensuring maximum storage life and freezer burn. When defrosting do it slowly and naturally.

Cannabis Storing Tips – Storage Life

Do not place in the sun, warm water or especially microwave. There is a possibility if your products are not properly defrosted your precious edibles and concentrates could suffer from a change in taste and overall THC quality. Cannabis edibles should always be kept in the fridge. As with other confectionaries, there are usually sugar, oil, and flour.

However, there are no preservatives involved in the making of edibles. Most edibles are prone to mold if not taken care of. Like most homemade cookies or cakes, they will go stale if left out in the open. Using aluminum foil or wax paper is advised when keeping edibles that are consumed throughout the week. Plastic has the possibility of affecting the taste.

When purchasing edibles from a retail outlet it is important to check the expiration date. I would advise not purchasing any item if you do not know who made it. Cannabutter is very popular these days. This butter can also last longer in airtight containers in the freezer. As like with other cannabis-infused cooking oils cannabutter should always be kept in the fridge if not frozen. Also, another good thing to remember to use low heat for cooking and never microwave.

Cannabis Storing Tips – Avoid Contamination

Moreover, before storage of any concentrate or edible remember to never have contact with bare hands. This could result in bacterial contamination that multiplies. If possible always use a glass container for fridge use. Plastic is permeable and therefore may let moisture in. Never in any circumstances consume any cannabis product that has visible mold. Do not consume any of it! Although other portions may look ok, Mold spores could be throughout and make you very ill. But the most important thing in storing any cannabis products is to keep them out of reach of children!