Cannabis – Traditional Herbal Use

It is no ancient Chinese secret that cannabis is one of the first known medicines in most ancient cultures all over the world. We will explore other traditions, such as use in Industry and of course, it’s recreational prowess. This venerable, age-old plant has been benefiting mankind since the dawn of time. It’s uses are endless. And its applications medically are documented throughout ancient books, it’s positive effects undeniable. Today we will look at┬áCannabis – Traditional Herbal Use.

The modern error is quiet different. Politics and greed in America changed the course of hemp and cannabis use tragically. Marijuana became illegal in the USA when the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 was passed. This was further demonized by classifying it Class 1 drug. This meant not even medical research could take place. Alcohol would replace marijuana. And the profiteers would go on to make their millions, while millions of us would die and suffer. Only in the last decade have the people finally swayed the pendulum back in the favour of good science.

Traditional Medical Use

In traditional Chinese Medicine, herb was the emperor of healing. Herbal use was wide spread among the ruling class and wealthy citizens for sickness, healing and spiritual happiness. Medical applications are well documented as well throughout Europe and the Americas. Native American Indians in North and South America as well as the islands of the Caribbean widely used cannabis for medical reasons. Pass the peace pipe brother. Long before the birth of Jesus, medical books had been written all over the globe. These ancient manuscripts outline literally 100’s of medical benefits and applications.

These ancient seers used cannabis as a spiritual healing medicine. Today we have lost sight of this. Doctors and medicine focus solely on physical ailments. The only real treatment in the modern medical world is drugs. The drugs used today mostly mask pain or temporarily ease pain and symptoms. They don’t heal. Marijuana does heal. It heals both physical and spiritual sicknesses. African doctors, Asian medicine sages and Native American Indian Shamans all used cannabis to heal the soul and mind. Today we are finally rediscovering the value. Happiness is health. It’s a basic ancient principal and the crux of┬áCannabis – Traditional Herbal Use.

Traditional Use in Industry

Nowhere was hemp used more heavily in industry than colonial America. So, what happened? People to this day confuse marijuana and drug use with hemp. Hemp itself is a multi talented plant. And like cotton or wood has real textile prowess. Every continent on Earth has used hemp in industry. The applications are endless. Hemp makes great fabric. It is great for clothing for example. Moreover, its far superior to cotton. It uses less water, grows much faster and leaves a considerably less carbon footprint. A hemp T-shirt has a much longer life. Its more comfortable and breaths, unlike cotton. Hemp is a no brainer in this respect.

Hemp is makes much stronger and resilient rope and cable. It makes better quality paper than wood. Hemp is better for the environment is just about every way. In fact, there is not a single application in which cotton is a better choice. Hemp uses far less water and needs virtually no chemicals or toxins to harvest. The demonization of marijuana as a dangerous drug caused traditional use to dwindle and even to become illegal. Sadly it has taken decades for countries like the Untied States to see the light. But tradition is finally catching up with reason.

Traditional Recreational Use

Cannabis – Traditional Herbal Use is best know for its recreational power. Since the 1960’s young people have been using cannabis recreationally. The affects have always been positive. People that use cannabis for recreational purposes are generally more happy. Scientific studies have proven this over and over. Laughter is and has always been the best medicine. Getting stoned has remarkable relaxation and mellowing affects. Generally people who are nervous, stressed or depressed tend lead happier and more fulfilling lives. Much of your health and day to day existence rely heavily upon your mood.

Traditionally speaking, marijuana has been used recreationally in many ways. Today it is normal to go to a party on the weekend and fire up a joint or the bong. Any party quickly becomes much more fun after a fat joint. But the benefits are more far reaching than just laughter. Recreational usage makes the world a better place. Bob Marley once said, ” Marijuana heals a nation.” He was right. It does. Pot smokers are far less likely to be angry or fight. In fact they even drink considerably less alcohol. So, recreational use supersedes the back yard laughs. It transcends society. And it transcends us. It heals.