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Cavi Cones; What Are They?

Cavi Cones are one of the coolest inventions since the ice cream cone. In fact, after smoking one you might want a couple big ice cream cones. Cavi Cones have become very popular. Every dispensary carries them. They’re easy and ready to use. This makes them great for noobies. So, Cavi Cones, what are they? Well let’s find out.

What Are They?

For starters they’re expensive. I was in a dispensary yesterday doing some research and saw the Cavi Cone display. They were priced around $20 bucks each, which is kind of on the expensive side for my budget. But, I can’t roll a joint to save my life. So, I like the convenience. And I wanted to get to know the product so I could write you folks this nice little blog.

I then learned that Cavi is short for caviar. This is an indication that you are purchasing the crème de la crème and therefore, have to pay a premium. And the cone name refers to the shape. A Cavi Cone is more or less a cone shaped joint.

Cavi Cones Making My Life Easy

The best thing about Cavi Cones is the size and the fact that it’s ready to fire up. I can see the allure. Someone who likes to entertain, for example, can pull out a nice big, ready to go cone and start the party. They also make great handouts or gifts.

Pre-rolled products make life easy. They make for great discretion and portability. You don’t need rolling papers, grinders a bulky bag of weed, etc. Cones come in various paper formations such as hemp, wood pulp or palm leaves. The cones are usually then hand stuffed as opposed to actually being rolled. And they almost always incorporate various cannabis products as opposed to the buds of one plant.

People that enjoy cones like the flavour they give off. Again, these are not packed with the buds or chafe of one plant. They add concentrates like wax or hash oil. Concentrated cannabis is far purer and can have significantly more THC and/or CBD. Cavi also chooses strains that are terpene heavy for extra flavour as well. And to top it all off they douse the concentrated cannabis with kief. And that is the real difference in product. You are probably starting to get a better understanding about why the price is a bit higher than a standard joint. And man, oh man, is it worth it.

Cavi Cones also come in a nice array of flavours and strengths. You can choose 20% less hash oil for a less potent high. And flavours like vanilla, apple and strawberry make for a nice treat on special occasions. If you’re bored with small regular joints and want to get really high give Cavi Cones a try!