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Could Hemp Really Help The Bees? - THC e-Liquid - Dope THC e-Liquid

Could Hemp Really Help The Bees?

Thank God we still have the EPA. Although, Mr. Trump is doing everything to destroy the good work they have done over the past 20-30 years. This week I read a report that the Good President has rolled back 83 regulations concerning air, water, pollution, animals and toxic protection regulations. This is all in the name of greed and money, with no concern for our planet.

This is not good for the bees or the human race. 

But that is a blog for another day. According to the EPA, the bee population has been declining in the USA due to pesticides. Pesticides are harmful to pollen. So the question stands Could Hemp Really Help The Bees? There is no need for pesticides when growing hemp. Obviously, hemp production is the solution.

Hemp Can Save the Bee Population and the World

Farms in North America have crop seasons and pollen seasons as well. There is a lack of pollen during the summer months of July to September. Coincidentally, this is the same time when hemp is in full bloom. Bees can harvest the pollen from hemp, and that is only the beginning of the endless benefits of and usages of hemp.

 A study recently at Colorado State University confirmed these benefits, especially considering bees. The researchers collected over 2,000 bees from 23 different bee families for the study. Their discoveries proved without a doubt that hemp pollen can save the bees.

The hemp used for industrial applications like, clothing, rope and paper, produces pollen that is very healthy for bee colonies. One great benefit of these hemp crops is that they are not bred for cannabis or marijuana. This means there is no nectar, which in turn means the bees are not producing honey. The sole focus is on the pollen.

Crop yields generate over $15 billion dollars a year due to bee pollination. It makes perfect sense that this is the course of action to follow. But as is usually the case the good old USA, money is king. And so the plastic companies, for example, pay millions to keep hemp on the shelf. Look at the medical benefits of the cannabis plant. Yet marijuana was illegal for decades, due to the influence of big pharmaceutical companies. They don’t want to make us well, they want clients. And cannabis threatens their income. Well, we have overcome that hurdle, finally. Now it’s time to help the bees and save the planet.

This Study is the Bees Knees, Honey

The entomology team at Colorado State observed the bees. And they discovered that bees are attracted to hemp flowers. Since hemp pollinates at different times than other crops, hemp is the only summer option for the bees. Not only were the bees attracted to hemp, but the researchers noticed that the bees collected the pollen.

This was the real game-changer for the researchers. Even the honey bees were collecting the pollen with no hopes of producing honey. All this work opportunity for the bees creates healthy colonies that reproduce successfully. Therefore, the bee population increased significantly, as opposed to dropping, as it had for the last decade, throughout the United States.

Forget the Whales Save the Bees

The bee population has decreased at an alarming rate since the 1980s. Most of this is due to the use of industrial pesticides. That is another issue which needs to be taken into account. However, with administrations like the Trumps, we are not likely to see positive environmental reform in time to save the bees or ourselves. However, with hemp production, we can and are now increasing their numbers.

Thank God our European counterparts have taken these issues seriously. The European Commission has restrictions in place banning known pesticides harmful to bees. The European Union estimates that over $22 billion dollars of revenue are attributed to bee pollination in the agricultural sector. So, this is Big Business. The conclusion is, a healthy bee population is crucial to worldwide crop success, and thereby human survival. Feed the world. Save a bee. Grow hemp!