Could Marijuana Topical’s Lead To a Failed Drug Test? Many people are now using CBD topicals for medicinal reasons. There are balms, lotions, and creams that are used for this purpose. CBD does not, however, enter the bloodstream, thus does not show up on any blood test. But this of no concern for those using CBD for medicinal purposes. If you are worried in any way that is will show up on a blood test, fear not. Only the psychoactive property THC has the capacity to have positive results on a blood test.

The use of CBD is rapidly gaining popularity for chronic pain or for daily stiffness from work. The elderly are also using this for various aches pains associated with old age. The wonder of topicals results in the quick and effective way it permeates the skin. Very few side effects have ever been reported with CBD topical use. CBD is extracted from a natural plant, not chemicals that possibly cause a reaction. These topical applications by-pass the digestive system, thus going directly to the inflamed area. So now you can vape CBD in an electronic cigarette. This is an easy and effective way of ingesting CBD for internal problems.

Could Marijuana Topical’s Lead To a Failed Drug Test? – Choice

Also, electronic cigarettes can also vape THC. This is why it is important never puff on somebody else e-Cig if you do not know exactly what’s in it. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)  is fat soluble and can stay in your system 1-30 days, unlike CBD topicals. The more potent the percentage of THC longer it will stay in your body. Avoiding THC is therefore important if you are in the position of being drug tested. Many companies do not tolerate any THC in your system.

They also in some cases post it right on the Help Wanted Signs. Moreover, drug testing is almost always random. For this reason, caution should be taken seriously. The world of cannabis and legalization will certainly prompt more testing for THC. On Oct 17, 2018, marijuana in Canada became legal, only second in the world besides Uruguay. CBD topicals and marijuana sold out the first day. This is a testament to the popularity of these products. It will be only a matter of time before all of North America will see the legalization of cannabis. Dispensaries are now selling CBD topicals and other CBD products. It’s very important to ask if this CBD topical has any trace elements of THC.

Could Marijuana Topical’s Lead To a Failed Drug Test? – THC Free

Even a small amount could possibly trigger a positive in a test. There are many reputable CBD companies that offer 100% CBD extract without any THC. Citizen CBD: Skin Silk, DaCrema Botanicals, Green Garden Gold: Good Day Hemp Oil Salve, ExHemplary Life: Majestic Freshness muscle and Joint Balm, Bees’ Knees: Bee’s Balm. These are just a few of the many non-THC – CBD products to choose from. The last thing you want to do is fail a drug test and lose your job. Do your research and find the pure product that serves your medical needs.

Could Marijuana Topical’s Lead To a Failed Drug Test? – Caution

There have been many cases where people have tested positive for opiates. The reason might surprise you! Sesame seeds on a pastry and cause a positive result because of the seeds relation to poppies. Poppies are what is used to make heroin. There have been a lot of cases reported on this strange but true occurrence. So you can be reassured if you are using pure CBD topical, there won’t be problems with drug tests. Its only natural that an employer would want a drug free employee. But there are exceptions, like working in the cannabis industry. Here is the perfect job for those who need not worry about drug testing. So pick your CBD topicals wisely and have no problems.