DEA ( Drug Enforcement Agency ) Weed Code Names. Before we get into these wacky names lets understand the seed of the weed. Wow times are a changing my smokey friends. Marijuana is becoming accepted and legalized. On October 17 2018 Canada will have legalized cannabis for recreational use. Prohibition has finally ended after years for an archaic and basically racist law. The most common word Marijuana is the Spanish name for Mary Jane. The name marijuana is a made to ethnitize the name to make it sound foreign for the white population. Thousands of Mexican migrant brought with them cannabis in the 20’s and 30’s, which the government could not make a profit from. They wanted them to drink taxable alcohol.

These farmers grew cannabis and enjoyed it because they were being paid shit wages and had to work in the sun. Also Afro Americans ( ex SLAVES! ) and lower income whites were partaking of the wisdom weed Cannabis! The powers that be at this juncture in time do not like people enjoying themselves without making money from it. No tax revenue does not please governments. So they decided to demonize weed because people were turned on to Jazz music, invented by black Americans. Jazz musicians liked to smoke grass in those days and still do.

So illegal it becomes, much to the chagrin of cannabis lovers nation wide. They thought it was a great idea to make a movie to show how dangerous and terrifying smoking cannabis is. They came up with the notorious ” Reefer Madness “. made in 1936. People smoked joints and then went bat shit crazy! A cult classic that today makes you bust a gut laughing today, especially if you are stoned. Starting this madness 6 years earlier was the US government making cannabis illegal. What isn’t funny though is the racist policy of the newly created The Federal Bureau of Narcotics ( now the DEA ).

DEA ( Drug Enforcement Agency ) Weed Code Names – Crazy

One of its most outspoken haters of Cannabis was Harry Anslinger. This racist dimwit had the audacity to say “Marijuana is the most violence causing drug in the history of mankind … most marijuana smokers are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their satanic music jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage”. What a complete load of crap! But the demonization of a plant that makes you calm was the cause of Reefer Madness and other nutty racist propaganda. The also made it a schedule #1 narcotic along with heroin! ludicrous to the the extent of putting countless pot smokers in jail for years for getting caught by the police.

No… smoking a joint and listening to music while eating pizza is bad for society .. what a laugh! In the 1930’s there was a migration of people from India to the Island of Jamaica. They brought along Cannabis seeds and it flourished in the warm tropical climate. The Indians name for cannabis is Ganja. They used ganja to help to relax. Soon a religious sect called Rastafarians adopted ganja as part of its doctrine. They were also persecuted and ridiculed for decades. For many years tourists have gone to Jamaica to enjoy ganja and listen to reggae on the beach. So now ganja is legal in Jamaica and you can chill and listen to Bob Marley with a nice spliff.

It will only be a matter of time before the US follows Canada in full legalization in all 50 states. Until then lets look at the DEA Weed Code Names. Arizona Ashes, Burrito Verdes, Blue Cheese, Black Bart, Crippy, Crazy Weed, Dizz, Dinkie Dow, Good Giggles, Giggle Smoke, Lime Pillows, Juanita, Righteous Bush, Rasta Weed, Smoochy Poochy, Sasafras, Tweeds, Tex Mex and Young Girls. (the last one is creepy!) Wow ain’t those some doozies? I have never heard of any of these. Oh course not, they are very secret inventive code names. So now you enlightened pot heads know theĀ  DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) Weed Code Names.