Today we’re presenting a virtual menu of Detox Drinks That Help With Drug Tests. These libations could save you your a job, a marriage or even from hard time in the prison. There’s a couple way’s to imbibe detox drinks. There’s the homeopathic approach where you make your own concoctions at home. Then there’s the over the counter products that you buy at the pharmacy. We will take a look at both and see which best suits you and your needs.

There are various methods to detox THC from your body. There are also many reasons. But the first and foremost reason is usually to pass a drug test. When we were teenagers long ago Golden Seal Root was all the rave. I tried it once. It didn’t work and I lost my job at the paper mill. That was a urine test. These days you might come against blood sample testing or even hair samples. These are more difficult. However, there are methods. Let’s take a look at a few.

Detox Drinks That Help With Drug Tests

THC metabolites can stay in the body for varying amounts of time. And it depends on various factors. Firstly, the amount of weed you smoke is paramount. A daily smoker will have a much more difficult time detoxing than the occasional recreational user. The user’s metabolism plays a big role as well. And of course, the potency of strain is a key factor as well. The occasional user can usually pass a urine test after about 4 days. A frequent user is likely to test positive for around 10 days. And finally, a heavy user can test positive up to 2 months. Whichever method you use detox drinks will shorten all of these time frames significantly. Abstinence helps, too.

At Home Detox Drinks

When life gives you a drug test, make lemon juice. Squeeze a bunch of lemons into a big jug of water and drink it all day. Lemon is by far the best medicine for cleansing the body. It is the all natural cure. Lemons fight toxins better than pretty much anything else on Earth. Then, of course, there is always nature’s universal solvent, water. Water is basically what is responsible for ridding the body of everything and anything, especially toxins. The more you flush the system, the cleaner it becomes. If you drink a ton of water leading up to your drug test your urine will be clear and mostly water. Cranberry Juice is another great detox drink. People swear by Cranberry juice. In fact, doctors actually prescribe cranberry juice for urinary tract infections. It also flushes the kidneys and intestines. It is high in vitamins and it tastes good too.

You have a couple options that aren’t fruit based. Coffee amazingly helps as well. The caffeine stimulates the system. This causes a boost to the body that raises your metabolism. Regardless of what approach you take, it is all about the metabolites. The faster your metabolism the faster your body detoxes. Tea is another great option. The nice thing about tea is that it has dozens of great health benefits on top of being a great cleanser. I even read that beer can be helpful. The problem with beer is that it’s not the beer that helps. But if you drink a lot of beers you are getting much more water flushing through your system than most people would get from trying to drink gallons of water.

Over the Counter Detox Drinks

You will find all kinds of detox products online. The problem is knowing if they work or not. They all claim to work. But some simply do not. Do some research and read the reviews. If you find a product but are incapable of finding decent reviews, the product is probably sub-par. One product that I found that shows promise is Rescue Detox. They make a Blueberry Ice Energy Drink that works great. They also make a Cranberry and a Green Tea Detox Drink. I found no bad reviews of this product. The price is around 22 dollars. That might seem expensive, but try losing your job and see how that works out for you.

Stinger Detox is one I saw on a report on the Vice News television program. They actually did a special on it. They tested real people. The results were quite good. This is not an energy shot. Stinger requires that you drink copious amounts of water. The idea is to get you to pee many times. And it works. They tested it on their own journalists. It also adds vitamins that color your urine. This is helpful as clear urine can be a red flag.

The problem with marijuana use is that it is now legal in many States. However, it is not legal Federally. That means you can get fired from your job if you have a Boss that is an uptight Dick. You can also purchase “herbal cleansers.” These are similar products that have a more health-conscious approach. Find the right Detox Drinks That Help With Drug Tests and keep that job!