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How To Make Cannabis Infused Nut Butter - THC e-Liquid - Dope THC e-Liquid

Wouldn’t you love to know How To Make Cannabis Infused Nut Butter? Well, of course you would. Lucky for you its not really all that complicated. Its kind of like baking cake. You simply follow the instructions and/or recipe and “Voila!” you have a cake. But you will need our tutelage before firing up the oven. There’s a few crucial things to learn before putting on the apron that will insure you create the perfect nut butter suitable for your needs.

Where To Start? All About the Greens

Like all great food creations, its all about ingredients. Your final product is only as good as what goes into it. And by that we mean the weed. The marijuana strain you choose will have the biggest affect on your Nut Butter. However, it will not make a difference as far as taste goes. That is another topic all together. The weed you choose will effect your high and/or your medicinal needs. Most medical edibles are indica based. This is because most patients need the calming affects.

Mentally speaking, those who suffer trauma, PTSD, depression and the like, find wonderful results with indica dominant strains. Likewise, those patients that suffer physical ailments such as spasms, twitching or chronic pain find that indica based strains are highly effective. If you’re more like me and enjoy the recreational aspects of cannabis, then a sativa strain is what you will want to use to get the party started.

Let’s Get Nuts

So, we are essentially making peanut butter here. And for that reason you will want to make good nut choices. If you want to How To Make Cannabis Infused Nut Butter tasty you need to choose good nuts. Personally, I like using standard nuts and cashews. I find that cashews not only give my nut butter a great flavour but that the cashew really does an amazing job of masking the cannabis. If you use nuts that pack strong flavour you will see how well they hide the weed taste, a taste that is not very palatable. I haven’t tried almonds or pistachios. But I intent too. Almonds have numerous health benefits.

Patients that use medical edibles for their treatment tend to use nut butter more than any other edible for the very reason that it masks the bitter cannabis flavour very well. Also, peanut butter has multiple applications. It can be used as a spread for sandwiches, crackers and sauces for meat. Try making some chicken satay. You can thank me later.

Let’s Get Cooking

Firstly, you need to prepare your recipe. You can not simply dump cannabis into your peanut butter and hope to have a yummy concoction that gets you high. It doesn’t work like that. You need to bake the cannabis first. What you do is, take your buds and cut them up finely. Then place them on a cooking pan. Bake them for about a half hour. What this does is essentially activate the THC. The process is called “decarboxylation.” Say that three times fast. You can learn more about that by clicking on the link. But either way this is the cooked cannabis that will be going into your peanut butter.

So, you are now ready to mix your cannabis into your peanut butter. The suggested serving is about one milligram per serving. If you’re like me you might want to try two milligrams. But that is a strong dose. So, you should try one milligram and see it’s effectiveness. After you know what it does you can increase or decrease the dosage accordingly.

This is really the easiest and fastest way to make cannabis peanut butter. You melt down your canna-butter and mix it into store bought Skippy or Jiff. Then, you mix thoroughly, allow to cool and you’re ready for the best PB&J you have ever had in your entire life. You can also purchase cannabis infused oils that are ready to mix directly into your peanut butter. This is if you just want the benefits of THC nut butter but not all the work.

How To Make Cannabis Infused Nut Butter

Its all about the butter. In the end you are simply making a butter that you will mix into your peanut butter. The process is fairly easy. Your canna-butter can be used in just about any other recipe. So, you are not bound to just peanut butter. It’s actually so easy that I do it myself. It turns out perfect every time. Grab a stick of butter. Melt it down. Then add your crumbs from your favourite sativa or indica strain. After 30- 45 minutes strain and let it cool down. That’s it folks. You now know How To Make Cannabis Infused Nut Butter. When you get the munchies you have the perfect snack!