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How To Use Hemp Oil - THC e-Liquid - Dope THC e-Liquid

How To Use Hemp Oil

The following will guide you through the many ways of how to use hemp oil. We’ll take a look at what hemp is, what hemp oil is, dosage and uses. Hemp oil is incredibly versatile recreationally, and more importantly medically. Treating ailments, pain, and mental issues are some of the uses for hemp oil. There’s an almost endless amount of different ways to reap the benefits of hemp.

What is Hemp and Hemp Oil? 

Hemp is a variety of cannabis that has been traditionally used for industrial purposes and recreational reasons. The legalization of marijuana has led to intense research and development in the medical field. And the findings have been nothing short of a miracle. Hundreds of medical illness both mental and physical, react positively to treatment. 

Raw hemp is used in rope, paper, clothing and many other textiles. It has been used for almost 10,000 years. And now we have discovered the healing properties found in the oil. Hemp Oil is the pure CBD or THC extracted from the plant. Hemps bred in many different percentages, strengths and strains. A Sativa strain of hash oil is what you want to use for euphonic reasons. This will energize you and improve your mood. An Indica strain of hash oil is better for relaxation and pain management. This is a good place to start when choosing your hash oil.

How to Use Hemp Oil

You use Hemp oil alone or you add it to another substance depending on how you use the oil and what you need. Direct drops can be applied in the mouth. The results are fast as the CBD or THC absorb directly into the bloodstream and bypass the stomach. This brings instant relief to those who suffer physical pain. Patients include those with back pain, cancer, MS, twitching, epilepsy and many other chronic illnesses.

Other users prefer medical edibles for slow release and long lasting pain management. Hash Oil can be used in just about anything you can eat or drink. There are cookies, cakes and candies. They also use drinks like soda, beer and juices. The high usually takes time to slowly set in and can be more intense and last for hours depending on the dosage. These are fun recreationally as well. A standard 50 mg brownie will make for hours of relaxation and smiles.

Those with more serious ailments or chronic issues use capsules or gummies. These come in micro doses. The patient can enjoy low levels of THC or CBD throughout the day. This is a great use of hash oil for those with trauma. Users include those with depression and anxiety, sleep issues, anger, PTSD and more. It also regulates bodily pain.

How Should I Use Hash Oil?

The best way to use hash oil is to start slowly and find the right medicine for you. If you just want to get high try edibles. Start with 5 to 10 mg of a cookie and wait an hour. If you feel nothing try another 5 to 10 mg. Be careful. Edibles sneak up on you. The high can go away for 2 hours and come back just as strong.

If you’re sick you should find a regiment or daily dosage appropriate to your need. You should talk to someone. Go to a dispensary. They can help. They know which Hash Oils do what, and what the specific benefits are to each. Regardless of how you use hash oil or why you need it dosage is the key. Either way, you will find that Hash Oil will vastly improve your life.