Who are the Influential Woman In The Marijuana Industry you’ve heard of lately? Have you heard about Jane West? Perhaps Ophelia Chong? Maybe even Dr. Christina Sanchez? As the marijuana industry grows and expands further each and every day, women are stepping up and taking leading roles that were once only seen by men. Marijuana has indeed changed the way woman are seen in the business world today and that’s all thanks to the industry being a relatively new one. Men usually dominate most business areas, so it’s no surprise that women are taking charge and putting not just their foot in the door. No, they’ve put their whole body in the door and have made themselves comfy. 


Influential Woman In The Marijuana Industry


Nancy Whiteman

Nancy Whiteman is often viewed as the “Queen of Legal Weed” for her success in making and creating edibles, as well as concentrates and medicinals under her company Wana Brands which was founded in 2011. Wana Brands has successfully become the number 1 selling edibles company in the very highly competitive market of Colorado. Not only has Nancy seen success in Colorado, the Wana Brand has also seen success all over Arizona, Oregon and Nevada. In fact, the Wana Brand is currently expanding into Florida, Illinois and Michigan.

Jane West

Jane West is the queen of breaking barriers and standing against adversity. For instance, Jane has appeared in several magazines including Playboy, Leafly and HERB where she continues to thunder-punch stereotypes each step of the way. Once a corporate event planner, Jane was unfortunately fired from her position after her employer saw her vaping on TV. (How was that not a lawsuit!?) Instead of letting that get her down, Jane instead took that energy and channelled it into paving the way for women in the Marijuana Industry. Jane is a co-founder of the organization Woman Grow, along with second co-founder and Influential Woman In The Marijuana Industry; Jazmin Hupp.

Influential Woman In The Marijuana Industry Cont.


Amanda Reiman

Amanda Reiman is an exceptionally Influential Woman In The Marijuana Industry as Amanda’s level of authority as the manager of Marijuana Law and Policy for the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) leaves little to debate. As laws continue to change daily, Amanda works steadily conducting tests in support of marijuana. In fact, her latest test was one regarding marijuana use as a potential treatment for addiction.

Jazmin Hupp

Jazmin Hupp as mentioned previously is one of two co-founders of the organization “Woman Grow”. What brought the two woman together was their combined advocacy to replace prescription drugs with marijuana. Jazmin has been featured in several magazines including Fortune, The Economist and most notably Forbes magazine for being an Influential Woman In The Marijuana Industry. A passion and drive dwell’s with Jazmin like no other as she works to continue educating the public about marijuana.

Ophelia Chong

Ophelia Chong is indeed a fascinating character. Unlike others who aim to change the way we see marijuana, Ophelia has taken it upon herself to literally change the way we “see” marijuana. By creating the stock photo site StockPotImages.com, Ophelia captures the beauty behind each cycle of the marijuana plants majestic life and in doing so, has begun to change the stigma surrounding the plant.

Influential Woman In The Marijuana Industry Cont.


Amber. E. Senter

Amber. E. Senter is the co-founder of “Supernova Woman” and also runs her own company; “Leisure Life”. Leisure Life makes delicious marijuana-infused popcorn which has proven to be quite popular in the Bay Area where Amber. E. Senter lives. Amber. E. Senter aims to support people of colour who are looking to join the marijuana industry in a similar manner to “Women Grow” – through advocacy, education, and networking.

Dr. Christina Sanchez

Dr. Christina Sanchez has stood at the frontline for marijuana research since before the year I was born, WOW! In fact, in 1990, Dr. Christina Sanchez spoke about the effects of CBD on the body. Specifically, that CBD is an effective anti-oxidant which finally’s recognized as so. Thus proving that Dr. Christina Sanchez was far ahead of her time. Dr. Christina Sanchez now sits on the board of the Spanish Observatory for Medical Cannabis, as well as regularly speaking at conferences around the world.

Jodie Emery

Jodie Emery has been a strong force in Canada as a proud marijuana advocate after her own personal experiences and disdain regarding the legal system. In fact, Jodie and her husband have been active members in the marijuana business, activism and politics for over 14 years. Jodies own personal mantra states; “You need to have strength in your belief and you have to be confident in what you believe”. Jodie’s obviously confident in what she believes and has great strength as her empire continues to grow. The Jodie empire consists of a franchise of head shops and dispensaries. As well as Pot TV and Cannabis Culture weed magazine.