Juicing Marijuana for Health Reasons. Why would you consider this alternative? With juicing THC you therefore remove known carcinogens. Juicing is the latest way of ingesting marijuana in a safe and healthy way. Already many heath enthusiasts and dieters are juicing there vegetables.for a good reason. By juicing you are producing a nutrient rich drink which is easy to digest. This is an easy and fast way ingesting healthy vegetables for people on the go.

Benefits of Juicing Marijuana for Health Reasons

Marijuana is a vegetable that contains iron, calcium and fibre. According to Dr. William Courtney juicing marijuana is the best way of treating illnesses. He hypotheses that the same ailments treated with marijuana can be prevented by juicing. Marijuana is a potent medicine that contains cannabinoids.  When juiced and combined with fatty acids could help help on the cellular level, keeping free radicals at bay. One of the most beneficial aspects of juicing raw marijuana is its capacity to alleviate inflammation. Also natures wonder weed has strong anti tumor properties.


Like most vegetables that are cooked or heated, a large amount of the nutritional value is diminished. With the heating of marijuana the beneficial factors of the cannabinoids can also be reduced. The profile of the heated marijuana changes the THC-A to THC and also the CBD-A into CBD. So now when you convert the THC-A into THC you produce a product that will get you high. Therefore raw juiced marijuana produces no high, you will be able to consume more.

It has been shown that very high doses of CBD has been shown slow or even halt the spread of certain cancers. The FDA has ascertained that a 600mg daily allowance but only 10mg of THC or less. Most strains of marijuana have CBD value of .01 percent and up to 10mg THC. With these levels only juicing can you achieve the 600mg recommended daily allowance. Juicing therefore is the optimum ways of releasing the CBD full potential. Without juicing these parameters would all but be impossible to meet.

Juicing Marijuana for Health Reasons – How to Juice

When you are collecting your ingredients for your healthy marijuana smoothie, always seek out the nothing but freshest marijuana and vegetables. The reason behind this is because vital enzymes also begin to break down after harvested. To make marijuana juice begins with simply adding 15 large leaves, also two to four inch juicy buds. Moreover use sticky buds with brown or red Trichomes ( avoid clear trichomes ).  I would also avoid dispensary bought marijuana buds that has been cured for the purpose of smoking.

Marijuana juice alone is not the most pleasing to the palate. Therefore what is suggested by Courtney is to add other vegetables such as carrots, cucumber and sweet potato with a ratio of five parts vegetable juice to one part marijuana juice. Blend this up and drink right away, This beverage should be refrigerated immediately. This juice should last up to three days. Dr. Courtney suggests consuming three cups of marijuana juice per day.

Juicing Marijuana for Health Reasons – Give Nature a Try

Juicing marijuana is becoming more popular all the time. Moreover people are now more than ever interested in natural medicine. So maybe its time to quit smoking marijuana and juicing up a wonderful healthy beverage. There is an increase in cancer and other ailments. These conditions also could be environmental, nutritional or genetic. With juicing marijuana there could be a chance of prevention of these conditions. Marijuana is proving to be a miraculous plant. Moreover now is the time for more research.