Interested in Making Bubble Hash at Home? First, a little schooling. Hashish, a form of cannabis has been around for ages. Hash is the Arabic word for grass and has been used especially by the Indians for centuries. The Indians would walk through the fields of ganja and collect the resin on their hands. When enough sticky resin was collected, they would rub their hands together. It was then after rubbing their hands together the resin would collect into balls. Which they named “charas”. These days, almost all of the marijuana concentrates are a collection of oils which use solvents for extraction. Another method uses hot plates to put pressure to squeeze the the resin from the weed.

Bubble Hash incorporates the use of water and ice with a silk screen mesh which filters to extract the fine trichomes. When the hash is very cold or even frozen, its placed next to a flame. Melting the hash, while not burning it. The cold hash will melt without burning. A higher quality hashish is produced by this method of extraction. Live Rosin is a type of Bubble Hash which uses frozen high quality buds that are pressed together at a low temperature. Moreover, this is the highest quality of hash, and brings top dollar per gram. Live Rosin is one of the most THC potent and sought after types of hashish on the market today. So think of the fun you will have making your own one day. For now, here are the steps to create some awesome Bubble Hash!

┬áMaking Bubble Hash at Home – Bubble up the Bong

STEP .1 Purchase a new 5 gallon bucket and assorted bubble bags. In my opinion frozen buds work the best. As well, a big spoon to stir the mixture. Place micron filters on the bottom of the bucket. Starting with the finest mesh work your way up to the largest size Bubble bags. This ensures optimum grade of filtration. Next, layer the weed with clean ice. Like a layer cake with ice, weed, then ice, weed and so forth. Ensure to leave enough space in the bucket that you can still mix the mixture without spilling.

STEP 2. – STIR SLOWLY. Allow the ice to melt until you can stir it easily. Stir for at least 15 minutes with a large spoon, increasing speed as it melts.

STEP 3. STRAIN AND REPEAT PROCESS. This step is very important to maximize potency. After final filtration, you will be left with sizes and strengths as the smallest screen will posses the purist of Bubble Hash. Therefore each dimension of screen will leave you with a different high. You will also be surprised at the various tastes and aromas that are revealed. Also it is important to keep all bags marked to keep track of the the different grades you have created. One thing that I also love about bubble hash is creating! The producer of the hash can use Sativa or Indica. If a blend is wanted, just mix them up to create a hybrid.

Making Bubble Hash at Home – Heavy Hash

You might be very surprised at the Bubble Hash that is being made by people just like you. The making of hash is an art form of the highest order. There are many various methods from centuries old. All the way up to the 21st century including vaping. But Bubble Hash is so great that I think if you have the time, you will have great time making it and a great time smoking it. Marijuana laws are changing all the time even day by day. With these changes also come new and exciting ways smoking with creating new experiences in the marvellous world of the cannabis culture. Moreover, there is an ever increasing evidence of the medicinal qualities. I know that my recent tokes of Bubble hash has greatly reduced my anxiety and depression.