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Medical Marijuana for Kids- Parents Turn to CBD - THC e-Liquid - Dope THC e-Liquid

Silly Rabbit Tricks are for kids. And it turns out that Medical Marijuana for Kids is too. As studies continue to pile up it has become crystal clear that CBD is saving children’s lives. Our hope today is to dispel much of the public’s misconceptions, allay your fears and educate you with real science. Cannabis is a healing plant that has many applications for a wide range of ailments. And it’s not just for adults. The results are equally beneficial for children.

Medical Marijuana for Kids – What You Need To Know

This is not a light topic. We are talking about children’s health. Moreover, this is about sick children being improperly treated and staying sick when they could be living normal lives with proper medication. And it turns out that that the best treatment is cannabinoids. We live in a world where it’s all about money. Why else would doctor’s be prescribing Oxycontin and chemotherapy?

Oxycontin does not treat the disease. It simply masks the symptoms and creates dependent clients and customers. Then it kills you. The same holds true for chemotherapy which only works 3% of the time. And doctors get cash kick backs. So, they love to dole out the deadly “medicine.” You start to see a pattern here. It’s all about money. The health system and Big Pharma do not care about your child’s health. The care about profits. Cannabis, on the other hand, works. But it is a big threat to the establishment. However, we are catching on finally.

Is It Safe?

The short answer is yes. It is safe. For one you can not overdose on cannabis. And it has zero negative side affects. This is paramount for children who are over hyper sensitive to medications. Take children who suffer from seizures and epilepsy for starters. Traditional medicine is highly addictive and can cause long term damage. Cannabis has significantly better margins of safety than any medicine prescribed by doctors in the USA.

Drugs used in the treatment of mental disorders are exactly the same. They are dangerous, they don’t work and they cause more damage than good. Worst of all they kill. No child has ever died from using any form of cannabis, THC or CBD. So, again I ask, is it safe? And again the answer is yes. As a parent it only makes sense to try it for yourself. You have very little to lose and absolutely everything to gain.

What Are the Down Sides?

Well, their is one huge down side. That is the fact that marijuana is STILL illegal on the federal  level. This is so disgusting on so many levels. So, although you can be treated in your State legally, the Feds can still find a way to perpetuate your child’s suffering. But I digress. The question posed is meant to be directed at the down side of using cannabis treatments in children. And truth be told it is one of the safest treatments ever recorded in modern medicine. But first let us look at real down sides. Is it safe?

What is unsafe? A fair answer is that not enough research has been conducted. This due to the fact that, yet again the government has prohibited research. And worse, where research is allowed, funding is almost non-existent, especially for Medical Marijuana for Kids. This leads to another problem, online retailers. False claims are made. And this leads to inferior medicine making it’s way into your child’s body. So, the only safety issue I see is the matter of ingestion. Edibles, for example, can be powerful as can tinctures and sprays. But like anything else proper dosage is essential. And finally, like all drugs, interaction with other medications must be taken into account.

Medical Marijuana for Kids – How Do I Know It Actually Works?

Look at the results. Also don’t believe the hype, or the lack there of. Do the research yourself. And finally, watch real life testimonials. You can view thousands on Youtube. There are no paid actors out there trying to get you to buy weed for your kids. But trust me once you see children’s seizures stop cold in their tracks you will understand. You will become a believer. And your own children will stop suffering and start living the healthy and happy lives they deserve. Is medical marijuana for kids? You be the judge.