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Mould On Your Weed? - Throw It Out! - THC e-Liquid - Dope THC e-Liquid

Mould On Your Weed? – Throw It Out!

What could be worse than discovering your precious stash has gone mouldy. Desperation should be kept at bay! This tainted weed should be avoided at all costs! Various things can affect the quality of your wonder weed. Pests, disease, nutrient deficiency etc. can all be a frustrating consequence of buying or growing unhealthy ganja. But of all the things that could possibly go wrong with your precious weed, mould is the worst. If you have mould on your weed? Throw it out!

What is Mould?

Mould is a naturally occurring fungus that is present in all of earth’s important ecosystems. There are over 10,000 species of moulds. Moulds reproduce by making spores. For example, moulds can grow on practically anything indoors or outdoors such as plants, food, fabric, furniture, wood, paper and plumbing. The food source for mould is moisture. Therefore, for this reason, proper storage is paramount for ensuring a safe and enjoyable cannabis product.

Consuming Healthy Herb

 Mother nature can be cruel at times and infect your marijuana with menacing spores. Consuming mould is very dangerous! There is no difference if you smoke it, vape it, or even eat it. Marijuana products that are infected with mould contain tens of thousands of toxic spores. As a result, inhaling mould spores can lead to a variety of respiratory illnesses.

Some of the symptoms of inhaling mould are:

  • Cough

  • Wheezing

  • Running nose

  • Stuffiness

  • Shortness of breath

  • Headache

  • Fever

  • Loss of smell

  • Diarrhea

  • Weight loss

Smoking mouldy weed can also cause a fungal infection that CAN KILL YOU! That’s right instead of getting high you will be getting low. Six feet under low! While some people have discussed cleaning methods to remove moulds. Nothing has been proven to be 100% effective.

So to be perfectly safe it is suggested not to partake of any infected mouldy herb. So much better to wait until you can ingest clean cannabis.  Five cancer patients at UC Davis recently came down with fungal infections from mouldy medicinal marijuana! Because of their lowered immune systems, they became gravely ill. Eventually one even died.

Mould Free Storage

Storing your stash in a mould free environment is very easy. Plastic containers airtight containers work quite well. Make sure the lids are secure, with no cracks that could let in air. Many cannabis consumers prefer to use glass airtight “nug jars” to avoid plastic. One of the easiest methods of keeping your weed mould free is by adding a humidity packet. Integra manufactures a product called the Boost packet. This comes in two different forms. One produces a relative humidity (RH) of 62%. While the other produces an (RH) of 55%. Selecting one or the other is a personal preference as to how dry you prefer your weed.

 These methods with set humidity parameters help to regulate moisture and prevent mould. Also, a common practice that should be avoided is keeping your weed in the refrigerator. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can increase your chances of contamination with mould and mildew. Storing in the freezer will prevent mould but can damage trichomes and affect quality.

Ensure Freshness

 The Cannador is a perfect solution for storage and preventing mould. This humidor is top of the line. Holding six Cannador glass jars this ensures the proper humidity is a constant. So if quality mould free weed is important to you this humidor is a great investment.

Mouldy weed is more common than you think. It is important to purchase your weed from a reputable source. Also if you are growing your own to follow guidelines to prevent mould growth. So as mentioned before if you suspect your weed is compromised by mould…throw it out!