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Flavourless THC e-Liquid - 0.8mls - Potent - THC e-Liquid - Dope THC e-Liquid

Flavourless THC e-Liquid – 0.8mls – Potent

(15 customer reviews)

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DOPE flavourless THC e-Liquid is made using premium Supercritical Co2 extraction. This ensures your DOPE THC e-Liquid is of the highest quality available in Canada.

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This THC e-Liquid is Dope! DOPE Flavourless THC e-Liquid is made using premium Supercritical Co2 extraction. This ensures your DOPE Flavourless THC e-Liquid is of the highest quality available in Canada.

DOPE THC e-Liquid is made by blending our supercritical Co2 THC extraction with the perfect amount of premium pharmaceutical grade Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. This proprietary blend gives you the perfect vape again and again.

DOPE THC cartridges work in almost all vaporizer batteries with a 510 screw thread.

Flavourless THC e-Liquid Starter Kits

If you do not have a vaporizer battery with a 510 screw thread, consider the DOPE Flavourless THC Starter Kit which includes a THC e-Liquid cartridge, battery with a 510 screw thread, and a USB battery charger. This kit has everything you need to start enjoying this DOPE e-Liquid.

THC e-Liquid Size

This is a 0.8 ml THC e-Liquid cartridge.

THC e-Liquid Strength

With 1000 mg of THC per ml, DOPE THC e-Liquid is considered the most potent vape juice available.

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 2 cm

15 reviews for Flavourless THC e-Liquid – 0.8mls – Potent

  1. Brian, MB

    Wicked stuff!

  2. Joe, TB

    Quality product, like that the option for flavourless was given. I am not a flavoured marijuana person.

  3. Jordan, BC

    I took the chance and jus bought the cartridge without the battery hoping it would fit another battery I have and it worked! Dope eliquid, dope eliquid!

  4. Morganne, AB

    Exactly what the name says POTENT! I smoke a lot, and 3 puffs gets me going!

  5. Luisa Jane, NS

    I am amazed getting high cna be so effortless and effective What a world!!

  6. Ceilia, MB

    Happened upon dopeeliquid after reading a couple raving reviews. Saw that a sale was going on and decided to try just the flavourless cartridge because the thread count stated it was the same as my flyte unit. My package was delivered yesterday and the cartridge did indeed fit my old battery. After priming the coil as instructed, I took my first couple of drags and was knocked off my chair! The taste was delicious, uncomplicated and rich with thc notes. The high was just as delicious, uncomplicated and full of rich waves of pleasure. Will definitely purchase again!!

  7. Ali, AB

    Top notch! 97.3 thumbs up!

  8. Terry, MB

    This has got to be the best purchase I have made years. Amazing tool to have in my life

  9. Karen, ON

    Fan-tastic! Nothing beats a natural flavour. Very impressed to see that flavourless was an option as I do not care for flavoured products.

  10. Alek, NB

    I just got my taxes back and bought 4 more kits. I never want to go without again M life is perfect now

  11. Victoria, AB

    Great natural flavour and very potent. Just a couple of tokes is it all it takes.

  12. Jimmy, AB

    This is awesome. The potency makes it perfect for me.

  13. Brent, ON

    This delivers potent pleasure. All that I am looking for. Love it!

  14. Jeff, SK

    This is perfect for my needs. The price is a bonus!

  15. Richard, NB

    I only need a 2 tokes to feel a nice buzz. Great value and delivery.

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