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Quality Control For Marijuana Edibles - THC e-Liquid - Dope THC e-Liquid

Quality Control For Marijuana Edibles. Is there such a thing!? Of course there is! Edibles are a food product. And food products must meet specific food standards. Edible companies produce their products. And then ship them off to quality control labs to be tested. Nutritional facts are allocated. As well the amount of THC in any given product. Edible companies must keep their recipes the same as to not deter from the produced results. In fact, my brother owns an edible company. He makes his products by mainly using distillate. Companies using distillate are able to control the THC content much easier than companies who use flowers in their production

Quality Control For Marijuana Edibles – Legalization

Marijuana’s growing popularities sky-rocketing across the US and Canada. That being said, each State and Province has their own views on the legality of marijuana. Over the cultivation, use and distribution of the plant. The distribution of edibles is one that’s a grey area. This is mainly because the THC content can fluctuate should the producer not take the proper steps to ensure the quality of their products. Quality control for marijuana edibles also refers to the area in which the products are made. Edibles produced in a non hygienic environment do not meet food safety standards. As well, animals could be living on the premises. Which may contaminate the products produced unfortunately. The FDA has strict guidelines that must be followed. These guideline’s apply to the food and pharmaceutical industries as they ensure the safety of consumers. However, each State and Province upholds their own rules and regulations.

Quality Control For Marijuana Edibles – What’s The HACCP?

HACCP, or the “The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” is a food policy which controls food safety in food production. With this in mind, heard of farm to fork? Generally, and I’ll be the first to admit it. I assumed farm to fork meant literally just that. From the farm, to my plate. No grocery store middle man. No over production with the use of chemical fertilizers. However, farm to fork is also about food safety control.¬†Applying to every level and scale of the food production process. As a result, this is where HACCP comes into play. HACCP ensures the food produced is safe from chemical, biological and physical hazards.

Used since the 1960’s. And used in most countries. The HACPP was created as a necessity for the food industry. Seeing that technology advances everyday. A program needed to be created that could be utilized even as technology advanced. Another point was for astronauts in space. Obviously getting sick while in space would be horrendous. Therefore, proper guidelines were absolutely necessary to set forth.

Quality Control For Marijuana Edibles – HACCP’s Focus

Normally the HACCP’s focus is on the processing of food, edibles and packaging. Although there are 7 principle points to following for HACCP. The initial step; hazard analysis. Is the only step that actually applies to the marijuana industry. Before products are packaged. Numerous food products apply heat to rid any possible hazards. And as stated previously. The HACCP¬†ensures the food produced is safe from chemical, biological and physical hazards.

Lastly, of course HACCP isn’t the only food program ensuring food safety. However, HACCP’s used in most countries. These companies are around for the purpose of protecting consumers from hazardous food products. Ensuring that edibles are produced by the set guidelines. I asked my brother if he knew what HACCP was. He retorted back: “Of course I do! They’re the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points”. I had to go thru them for my products”. Nice!