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Strains of Marijuana That May Help Cure Unknown Diseases - THC e-Liquid - Dope THC e-Liquid

Strains of Marijuana That May Help Cure Unknown Diseases

If you’re struggling with an unknown disease, the following are Strains of Marijuana That May Help Cure Unknown Diseases. It’s incredibly unfortunate that so many people are suffering from unknown diseases. Why you probably know someone who you may think is just a hypochondriac. For instance one such sufferer had her husband and friends doubting anything was wrong with her. To the point that she herself starting questioning if the painful, numbing twitches and fatigue were all in her head. In fact, she even contemplated suicide to get out of her own personal hell. Fortunately, after one such horrendous episode. It came to be that she was suffering from a very rare, life threatening disease. And unfortunately, since so much time had passed without being properly diagnosed, irreversible damage had been done.

An estimated 350 million people worldwide suffer from a rare or unknown disease. Overall, those statistics mean that more people worldwide suffer from a rare or unknown disease than cancer and aids combined. In brief, there are 7,000 rare diseases worldwide. With more and more being discovered everyday. Henceforth making “rare” diseases not really that rare at all. Yet, those who suffer from one of these diseases still feel alone. All in all, there has been significant showings that there may be hope as can be seen in Strains of Marijuana That May Help Cure Unknown Diseases.

White Widow

No list of Strains of Marijuana That May Help Cure Unknown Diseases is complete without White Widow. White Widow, a hearty Hybrid originating in the Netherlands. Whose rumoured to be the strongest strain created. Boasts an existing popularity amongst those users seeking relief from both chronic pain and depression. The Grandfather to a number of popular strains, including Blue Widow and White Russian. White Widows an ideal strain for many users who are suffering from an array of ailments.

Peyote Cookies

Although Peyote Cookies is a fairly new strain. The impressive Indica dominant strain has already gained popularity amongst those searching for some sort of relief. Not to mention that users have reported considerable relief from migraine headaches, twitches and muscle cramps. A unique cross between Peyote Purple and Cookie Kush. Peyote Cookie‘s is a favourite strain for those seeking relief from tension and stress. An absolute delicious strain that dazzles it’s user with delightful undertones of guava, vanilla and coffee.

Dog Walker

Certainly, Dog Walkers a strain that long times users will be familiar with. For one thing, this impressive strain has proven to provide instant relief from pretty much every symptom. A potent Hybrid, with high levels of THC. Which ensures that even the most seasoned users receive some sort of relief. Obviously Dog Walker’s lineage comes from a long line of medicinal property carrying parents. After all Chemdawg 91 and Albert Walker’s euphoric and relaxing ratings are off the chart. Ultimately aiding in Dog Walker’s instant relief against unknown diseases.

Connie Chung

Meanwhile, Connie Chung, a lesser-known Indica dominant. Whom packs a delightful pain relieving punch that’s best used at night time. For example, Charlottes Web guarantees a blissful nights sleep. With reviewers assuring potential users that the relax factor is off the charts! Charlottes Web contains an abundance of anti-inflammatory properties making the strain an ideal choice for many. Crossed between LA Flavor and Old School G13 Haze, Connie Chung, by all means is sure to have good news for you!

Charlottes Web

Lastly, no list of┬áStrains of Marijuana That May Help Cure Unknown Diseases would be complete without Charlottes Web. As a matter of fact, you most likely have heard of this CBD rich, Sativa strain before. Charlottes Web was respectively produced to treat Epilepsy. However was found to treat a profusion of other symptoms. Truly, Charlottes Web’s a strain of the Gods as the strains considered to be the chronic pain sufferers go to for relief. Additionally, low amounts of THC make Charlottes Web the ideal day time strain.