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Summertime High - Smoking Out of Fruit - THC e-Liquid - Dope THC e-Liquid

Summertime High – Smoking Out of Fruit

It’s summertime and the living is easy. Smoking pot is getting easier as well. So why not try smoking out of fruit? So many States and countries are finally legalizing recreational marijuana. It’s wonderful. These days you can pop into the local dispensary and grab yourself all sorts of pot smoking aids like bongs, vaporizers and rolling papers. So, some of you younger folks may not realize that you can just as easily enjoy smoking out of fruit. That’s right, and it’s a fun and healthier choice than rolling papers, by far. 

Back in the early 1980s, yes kids Uncle Pedro is old, we used fruit all the time. Fruits cheap and readily available and you didn’t need to be 18 to buy an apple. It is a super easy way to smoke. And takes about a minute to make a fruit pipe. It is super discreet. You get yummy flavours and actual vitamins. And then you just toss the apple in the trash and go about your business. It has long been one of my favourite ways to smoke pot. But it has become a bit of ancient secret that youngsters never learned about. Well, we are here to change that and bring back a fun summertime high – smoking out of fruit.

What Fruits to Smoke From

Smoking out of fruit is possible in just about every fruit you can imagine. But some are far more practical than others. We want to show you some of the best produce choices we have come across and how it works. You can make fruit bowls or even fruit bongs. Bongs can be a bit more cumbersome and better done at home. But if you’re out and about then a quick fruit bowl is the perfect way to get the job done.

Our ‘go to fruit’ was always an apple. Apples are perfect as they are not too juicy. If you’re like me, and you’re out either walking down the street or sitting on someone’s porch, you want a quick functional bowl that hits good, that you can then dispose of discreetly.

Apples have a nice tough, firm skin, and not too wet meat. You take a long circular tool like a chopstick for example and simply poke a hole from the top down and then at a right angle from the side meet the downpipe. That’s it. You can pack a small bud up top and fire it up. You will be shocked at what a fantastic hit you get. And you don’t even need a screen. Just pack the bud and it will do the work for you. How cool is that?

How about a nice pear? The best part of using pears is taste. It is juicy and really goes well with the taste of cannabis. Pears have a natural bowl shape, to begin with. So, it’ll be easy to see where you want to make your holes. I like to lay the pear on the side and go from the top of the pear straight in. Then from the top side, as the pear is lying down, cut straight down and connect the chambers. One big tip, as is the case for almost any fruit you choose, is to shave off the bottom side of the fruit so that sits on the table and doesn’t roll around once you put the bud inside. You don’t want to lose your weed, nor do you want to burn the house down.

Smoking Out of Fruit Cont.

Pumpkin and squash make excellent bowls. The reason I like these fruits is usually because of the multiple use factor. For example, the minute you finish with a pear, you throw the pear away. It’s wet and rots fairly quickly. A pumpkin or squash is hard as a rock. The fruit inside is durable as well and dry. It’s this durability that makes these fruits such great bowls. If I am having guests over for the weekend, for example, we are going to be smoking a lot of pot and over a significant time period, two maybe three days. Therefore, it is great to have a bowl on the table that you can simply walk over to, pack a bud, fire up and walk away knowing you can return hours later and do the same.

Pineapples are fun! That’s because pineapples are the best fruit to make a bong out of. Pineapples are huge and deep and stand upright. Cut the top off about two inches down from the stem and clear out all the fruit. Don’t discard the fruit though. Make yourself a pina colada. You will thank me for that tip when you’re stoned. Then pop a hole in the side for your pipe stem. Fill up the body halfway with water, or rum which is my preference. Throw the top back on and make a second hole for your mouthpiece. Since this is a bong you will need to craft a bowl out of tin foil or whatever else you have lying around the house. Pack a fat green bud, pop on some Bob Marley and get the party started, mon! Have a fruity summer, my friends!