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The Life of a Worker on a Marijuana Farm - THC e-Liquid - Dope THC e-Liquid

The Life of a Worker on a Marijuana Farm

The life of a worker on a marijuana farm is unlike anything I could have imagined. I had the wonderful opportunity to spend two months on a farm in Western Canada last year. It was 2 months of hard work and sheer pleasure wrapped up together. I had always wanted to travel in Canada in the summertime. But having little money, I spent years scheming and try to find a way to finance my trip.

It wasn’t until my friend Sky mentioned that I should go to work on a marijuana farm that I had the means. It was the perfect plan. I would get to travel, pay for my trip, come home with money in my pocket and get lots of green benefits along the way.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

The family that I worked for were not named MacDonald. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Also, I had to sign a nondisclosure document with a lawyer. Even though the cultivation of marijuana is legal, farmers can still find themselves in legal battles. It makes sense. There are literally billions of dollars at stake in the industry. And everyone wants a piece of the pie. The Macs were a very friendly family of super hippies. They looked like a couple right out of the 1969 Woodstock Festival.

The mantra was “sun grown cultivation.” Although they also had a hydroponic set up in the barn, the focus was all natural. The hydro set up was mostly used for seed cultivation which would later be planted outside. The MacDonald family ran a farm to table cannabis collective that was an old school operation with about 50 employees. There were a handful of scientists and managers and about 30 grunts working the farm. I was a grunt.

The Day to Day Grind

The life of a marijuana farm worker is not all that glorious. The idea may seem enchanting, however, it is hard work. The season is short in Canada for outdoor growing. That means the pace is fast and the hours are long. We were up at dawn each morning at 5 am. And we basically worked until sunset 7 days a week. That might sound like slave labour but the pay makes it well worth it the sweat and tears.

The season consists of about 3 months to final harvest. Scheduling is tight for planting, picking, rotating crops and maintenance. I enjoyed the pace and the workout, not to mention the sun and fresh air all day. It becomes a spiritual experience for everyone on the team. The bonding is great, the friendships become life long and the work ethic stays with you.

The Night Life of a Farm Worker

Most of us were usually pretty wiped out from the long days of physical exertion. However, we were also charged and feeling good physically and mentally. Getting back to the barracks we would toke up within minutes and eat a hot meal. It kind of felt like being in the Army. The nightly ritual started with a nice big fire and we would always have at least 10 guys and gals chilling out and telling stories about their worldly adventures.

The conversations were always deep and philosophical. It was a real learning experience for all of us. You leave the farm with a real appreciation for nature, life and your future. If you are single and like to travel you really need to spend a summer on a marijuana farm. You will a better human being. Plus, you will a bag full of money to get you through the winter.