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Top 10 Stoner Games - THC e-Liquid - Dope THC e-Liquid

Top 10 Stoner Games – like you actually need to be told what to do when stoned. Heck counting roof tiles or finding faces on the roof tiles is highly entertaining, just ask 15 years old me. While there are endless games one could play whilst stoned, check out these stoner games and give them a whirl next time you’re stoned!

Top 10 Stoner Games

Beer Pong

Who doesn’t enjoy playing Beer Pong? People you don’t want to be friends with, that’s who! Beer Pong is a great game to play because of the many different setups the cups can be arranged in and the distance apart from the players. You do not necessarily even have to play with beer, you can simply put water in the cups and if a player gets a ping pong in the cup, the player whos cup has the ping pong inside must have a toke before the can take their turn!

Strip Choker

Strip Choker sounds a little kinky, but have no fear, the only kink happening in this game is the act of losing one’s clothes. And in all actuality, I guess that is kind of kinky! So this is how the game works, each player goes ahead and takes a toke and then holds the toke in. The method of ingestion all matters on what’s available, bongs, dab rigs, pipes, and joints all suffice! If a player “chokes” then he or she must remove an article of clothing.

Wheel of Weed

The Wheel of Weed takes some prep work to play as you will need to construct the “wheel”. On the wheel, you’ll want to make different sections as follows; 420. Pass the toke. Dare, Truth. Smoke. Joke. Spin again, and, anything else you’d like to add to the wheel! Once the wheel is constructed, players take turns spinning the wheel and completing their task. You can play till the weeds gone, or after a certain amount of spins has been taken by each player.

Top 10 Stoner Games


Taxi is a game that’s been around for a very long time, actually, I bet my Dad played when he was growing up. I played growing up, and to be honest – I still play, even when I’m alone! To play Taxi, a joint or other smoking device is passed around a circle. After each player takes a toke, the player must hold said toke in until it’s their turn again. The rules will all depend on the players, so each game varies depending on the rules set out by the players. That being said, the number of players will drastically change the flow of the game!

Green Jack

Green Jack is for sure an easy game to play and understand! Do you understand blackjack, that the goal is to get your cards to total “21”. Players who successfully get 21, or are at least the closest to 21 (without going over!) win! But what do they win if they’re not winning cash? Tokes my friends! Sweet, sweet tokes off of good ol’ Mary Jane.

Rock Band/Guitar Hero

Rock Band/Guitar Hero! It’s hilarious to me that some people have never had the joy of jammin’ out with either game. I personally love playing the drums, just because I love that drum solo where I can just give er’! Grab a group of friends and challenge yourselves. Either by playing as a group or taking turns playing individually.

Weed Jenga

Jenga! Jenga already is a fabulous game to play. What’s even more fabulous about Jenga, is the fact that you can personalize your Jenga experience! Grab a pen, and write rules or tasks on each Jenga piece. Examples of rules/tasks include; take a hoot. Take a concentrate hoot. Give a hoot. Roll a blunt. Do the crab walk. The rules/tasks should be personalized and fun!

Top 10 Stoner Games

Video Games

Video games are certainly a no-brainer stoner game! That being said, the video game play is all up to the player. Some players enjoy playing war-like games, say like Call of Duty. While others prefer racing games, such as Need for Speed. And if you’re like me, you like playing old school games off of an old school system! Break out the Super Mario Bros’, Diddy Kong Racing or James Bond Nightfire. I’m hooked!


Medusa is a fabulous game, that can leave players stoned off their butts! So how does it go? Well, to start, each player makes sure that they have something to smoke if they lose. After every player’s prepared, everyone will stand in a circle, with their gaze down towards their feet. On the count of three, everyone will look up and bring their attention/gaze to one player. If it just so happens that that player is looking at you also, then you’d shout MEDUSA! And then spark up whatever you’re smoking.

Straight-Faced Stoner

Straight-faced stoner has got to be the hardest game to play – that’s just my opinion, so you’ll have to give it a go and decide what you think! How the game goes, players, all sit in a circle and to put it simply – they get really stoned. After the fact, each player must keep their head up, and remain straight-faced. If a player laughs, snorts, giggles etc, then the group decides on the penalty the player must pay. Whether that be taking a bong hoot – or something more diabolical!