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Wild Cannabis History- Ancient Europe - THC e-Liquid - Dope THC e-Liquid

The history of ancient Europe is steeped in wild stories of war, power, love and loss. But none so interesting as the Wild Cannabis History- Ancient Europe. Cannabis has been running wild since long before they hung Christ on a cross. And it continues to thrive today after many years of what I like to call the Dark Ages of Cannabis. Today we will look at the sordid and cloaked history that grew rampart under the noses of Kings and Queens and guillotines.

Meet The New Cannabis Same As The Old Cannabis

Cannabis played a major role in most ancient cultures. Primarily cannabis was being used as medicine all over ancient Europe and even more so in Asia. But Asia is another history in and of itself. In any case the uses of cannabis went far beyond medicine. In fact, cannabis applications permeated society at all levels. Hemp was one of the most popular materials in the making of clothes, rope, paper and much more. The plant itself was highly sustainable, grew wildly in most European climates and could be harvested multiple times a year regardless of weather. It kind of makes it a “no-brainer.” More than this, some cultures incorporated cannabis into their religions. Wild cannabis, it turns out, is ancient history.

Wild Cannabis History- Ancient Europe

Of course, you all know the story of The Netherlands, Amsterdam in particular. However, little is known of the history of cannabis in Europe in it’s totality. Not until studies done by both the University of Vermont and Berlin in Germany, that this history has come back into the light. One of the most interesting findings was that researchers discovered through agricultural studies that wild cannabis thrived as early as the thawing of the last Ice Age. Looks like those cavemen got through those long nights with laughter and merriment. The ancient trade routes from Asia to Europe, like the Silk Road, opened up inter-continental trade. And cannabis was a very big commodity.

Concrete Historical Date of Cannabis in Europe

So, we have established that wild cannabis has been growing wild all over Europe pretty much since the beginning of time. So, let’s look at a real time line. For starters, rope was found in Russia that was made of hemp that was close to 1000 years before Christ. Also, burial tombs from all over Europe contained cannabis seeds. These stories are documented as far back as 500 B.C. It is widely known and even far more well documented that the ancient Greeks were using cannabis in a textile capacity by 200 B.C. and more likely far earlier. In fact, the famous Grecian doctor Nero kept a medical marijuana journal. And don’t even think that the Jews weren’t all over this. After all there was money to be made. The sacred text The Talmud explicitly outlines the “euphoric properties” of cannabis.

Then there’s the Vikings. Those crazy bastards basically lived and died by the hemp. Their paper and their ropes were made from cannabis. Not only that, the sails of their conquering ships were made of durable hemp. The same holds true in the Roman Empire. Look it up. Shit, even Marco Polo wrote of cannabis usage in Italy and China. Oh, and remember Henry the 8th? He ordered all his peeps to grow weed for industrial use. By the 1600’s the failing weather destroyed the hemp crops. So, England began importing cannabis. This is true my friends. Again, look it up. Don’t take my word.

History In The Making

You may want to do some more in depth research. There is so much to learn and it’s very exciting stuff. Check out the history of the Yamnaya tribe. It is believed that they were the very first modern people to sell weed. And this is more than 5000 years ago, seriously. I have done some wild blogs in the past. But none so interesting or rich as Wild Cannabis History- Ancient Europe. I could go on and on. But I don’t want to bore you. If you enjoy this topic there is a plethora of information on the Internet. Go look for more stories. They are as endless and wild as ancient cannabis itself.